Espoo Ciné will be organised according to the new gathering restrictions

The Regional State Administrative Agency of Southern Finland announced new restrictions for gatherings in the Metropolitan area on Thursday, August 12. Espoo Ciné will be organised in cinemas on August 23–29 according to the new restrictions that are in place starting August 20. The festival’s safety guidelines will be updated accordingly. The most up-to-date information on the safety guidelines can be found on the festival website on the Safety page.

“We have worked very hard to ensure that the festival screenings are as safe as possible, and so that the festival can be arranged,” tells Espoo Ciné’s Executive Director Mia Vainikainen. “Cinemas have faced serious restrictions throughout the pandemic, and these new restrictions are once again unjustly directed at theatres, despite the fact that not a single chain of transmission has been traced to them during the pandemic.”

Due to the new restrictions, the audience will be divided into groups for entering the venues. We will provide more information about changes to the festival arrangements in the following days. We will also contact ticket buyers directly about any changes.

Festival tickets are on sale now on the festival website and in Kino Tapiola.