The 30th Espoo Ciné introduces old gems and fresh new titles

The third Ciné kylässä brings short films to living rooms in Espoo from April 15th to May 5th. For the first time the event also brings silent film concerts to people's homes: ”We're so excited to arrange this”, says Ciné kylässä producer Tanja Ryhänen. ”Live music brings the silent short films to life in a unique way”, Ryhänen continues. Further information about the artists accompanying the screenings will be published on the website in next few weeks.

In celebration for the 30th edition of Espoo Ciné the festival arranges an audience competition: ”Audience will be able to vote for old festival gems to be screened again at the 30th annual Espoo Ciné”, programmer Mickael Suominen says. Nominated films will be announced in few days.

Prescreenings in Kino Regina will take place from May 3rd to 5th. One of the films on selection is the very first opening film of the first edition of Espoo Cine, The Hunt for Red October (1990). Another old gem is the festival favourite Michael Haneke's Piano Teacher (2001). There'lll also be a screening of one of the films on the new programme.

The festival for the kids and the youth, Junior Ciné, will once again present a selection of most interesting new films for young audiences together with side events during its dates May 6 to 10. Espoon elokuvajuhlat ry and Junior Ciné will also arrange the EFA Young Audience Award event in Kino Tapiola on Sunday May 5th.

Across Europe and the rest of the world, kids will be watching the same three European films at the same time. They will discuss them as well as take part in other programme during the day. The winner will be announced in the main event in Germany, where the Finnish youth will send their own points via video greeting – just like in the Eurovision song contest. The main event in Germany will be streamed on the official website.

The 30th Espoo Ciné will release its whole programme and the ticket sales start on the 9th April. Espoo Ciné takes place in Espoo Cultural Centre, Kino Tapiola, Finnkino Sello and Finnkino Omena from May 6th to 12th, 2019.