The Night Doctor

Médecin de nuit

France 2020
In French, with English subtitles
82 min
Suitable for audiences aged 16 and above
Director: Elie Wajeman
Screenplay: Agnès Feuvre
Cast: Vincent Macaigne, Pio Marmaï, Sara Giraudeau
Production: Georges Bermann / Partizan Films
Print Source: Be for Film

Mikaël works as a doctor on the night call around Paris, as his vocation. During patient calls, he visits the poorest areas of the city and helps also those no one else wants to see: drug addicts, homeless and lone outcasts of society. At the same time, his own life is a mess and turns to the wrong direction when he starts to write fake Subutex prescriptions in order to help his pharmacist cousin. However, Mikaël decides to clear the mess, stop of the illegalities and build a new life. But it turns out to be harder than he thought as it is not easy to rely on others anymore. Whom you can trust – your spouse, cousin or a drug addict? Who actually is the greatest betrayer, and what will be the final price in the end?

Piia Järvenpää, translated by Iisa Arvelin