The Fam

La Mif

Switzerland 2021
In French, with English subtitles
110 min
Suitable for audiences aged 12 and above
Director: Fred Baillif
Screenplay: Fred Baillif
Cast: Claudia Grob, Amélie Tonsi, Anais Uldry, Amandine Golay, Kassia Da Costa, Joyce Ndayisenga, Charlie Areddy, Sara Tulu
Production: Agnès Boutruche, Véronique Vergari, Fred Baillif / Freshprod
Print Source: Latido Films

A group of teenage girls have been placed in a residential care home with social workers. They live under the same roof but haven’t chosen each other. This experience creates unexpected tensions and intimacies. An incident triggers a chain of over-reactions but their lust for life also strengthens bonds. Just like a family.

The Fam was created in close collaboration with the young actors who were involved in developing their characters. Each individual fate is a shard and together they form an iridescent kaleidoscope capable of upending hierarchies. The film sensitively reveals the imperfection of the youth protection system, as well as the fragility of social structures, and tenderly questions what it might actually mean to be part of a family.

Production notes