The August Virgin

La virgen de agosto

Spain 2019
In Spanish, with English subtitles
125 min
Suitable for audiences aged 12 and above
Director: Jonás Trueba
Screenplay: Jonás Trueba, Itsaso Arana
Cast: Itsaso Arana, Vito Sanz, Isabelle Stoffel, Joe Manjon
Production: Javier Lafuente / Los ilusos Films SL, La virgen de agosto AIE
Print Source: Bendita Film Sales

When residents of Madrid flee the city in early August for vacation, Eva (Itsaso Arana), a thirty-two-year-old actress born and raised there, stays put. She’s ready for a change of career, a new life; borrowing an apartment from a colleague, she yields to the whims of the day. After following a stranger into a museum, she runs into a longtime friend, attends a street concert, gets locked out of her new place, crashes at another friend’s home, meets the concert’s singer, and befriends two British men. These local adventures continue until, inevitably, a dramatic—and romantic—revelation ensues. The knowingly meandering action of this graceful, urbane drama—directed by Jonás Trueba, who co-wrote the script with Arana—borrows themes and tones from Éric Rohmer; Eva’s chance encounters and odd coincidences seem linked by the force of destiny, and her confidence in them comes off as an act of faith.

Richard Brody, The New Yorker