Austria 2021
122 min
Suitable for all audiences
Director: Johann Lurf
Screenplay: Johann Lurf
Production: Johann Lurf
Print Source: Sixpackfilm

★ consists of film scenes with starscapes – nothing more, nothing less, and in chronological order. The viewer can approach the film in as many ways as they would greet the actual starry sky: one can either follow larger patterns; try to catch familiar films like shooting stars – or then just lean back and immerse oneself into the meditative infinity of stars. The film keeps expanding like the universe itself, also as the viewers have started to send starry clues to the Austrian filmmaker Johann Lurf. The latest version, screened at Espoo Ciné, includes several starscapes from the Finnish films, old and new, among the multitude of samples from all over the world. ★ shows that the fascination with starscapes is universal.

Tytti Rantanen