Games People Play

Finland 2020
In Finnish, English and Swedish, with partial Finnish subtitles
119 min
Suitable for audiences aged 12 and above
Director: Jenni Toivoniemi
Screenplay: Jenni Toivoniemi
Cast: Emmi Parviainen, Laura Birn, Samuli Niittymäki, Eero Milonoff, Christian Hillborg, Iida-Maria Heinonen, Paula Vesala, Paavo Kinnunen
Production: Venla Hellstedt ja Elli Toivoniemi / Tuffi Films
Print Source: Nordisk Film

A group of old friends gathers to celebrate Mitzi’s surprise birthday party over a nostalgic weekend at an idyllic seaside villa – just like they used to do as teenagers. Familiar surroundings and the old rituals get to the core of the group and make them forget their adulthood. Revelations, not meant to harm the balance, make them reassess their past as well as their present.

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