Magaluf Ghost Town

Spain 2021
In Spanish and English, with English subtitles
93 min
Suitable for audiences aged 16 and above
Director: Miguel Ángel Blanca
Screenplay: Miguel Ángel Blanca
Production: Bernat Manzano, Miguel Ángel Blanca Pachón, Valérie Montmartin, Miguel Eek / Boogaloo Films, Little Big Story, Mosaic Produccions
Print Source: Taskovski Films

At the height of the summer tourist season, the Spanish beach town Magaluf turns into a hellscape of the low-cost travel industry. For eight weeks every year, over one million mostly British vacationers ride an alcohol-soaked tide of public urination, fisticuffs and ambulance sirens for recreation. Instead of assembling a clip-reel of "balconing," when drunk idiots jump into hotel pools from their balconies, filmmaker Miguel Ángel Blanca crafts a far deeper and atmospheric look at a place where visitors and locals alike are driven by pleasure. Long-time resident Maria has little time left, so she takes in a seasonal lodger who listens to her relive her glory days. An enterprising real estate agent peddles an extravagant development, while a young gay man drifts without any plans beyond robbing a tourist for kicks.

Myrocia Watamaniuk, Hot Docs