Lobster Soup

Spain, Iceland, Lithuania 2020
Icelandic, Spanish and Italian, with English subtitles
95 min
Suitable for audiences aged 7 and above
Director: Pepe Andreu & Rafael Molés
Screenplay: Pepe Andreu, Rafael Molés, Ólafur Rögnvaldsson, Arunas Matelis
Cast: Aðalsteinn Jóhannsson, Kristinn Jóhannsson, Hermann Ólafsson, Sverrir Vilbergsson, Guðbergur Bergsson
Production: Natalia Maestro, José Luis Rubio, Ólafur Rögnvaldsson, Algimante Mateliene / SUICAfilms, REC Grabaketa Estudioa, AX films, Studio Nominum
Print Source: Wide Management

Two Icelandic brothers, Ađalgeir and Kristinn, decide to set up a café underneath their fishing net workshop. By chance, the tiny café becomes a safe haven for the fishing village. While Kristinn takes care of the menu, Ađalgeir talks with the regular customers who are solving the world’s problems there every day.

Despite the surrounding unpredictable sea, the café Bryggjan offers a cosy atmosphere where musicians play and the village’s stories come to life. Tourists flock to the place too because of its famous lobster soup, which catches investors’ interest as well. Will the brothers sell the heart of the community? Lobster Soup is a warm documentary film depicting the café’s daily life and destiny.

Iisa Arvelin