Here We Are

הנה אנחנו

Israel, Italy 2020
In Hebrew, with English subtitles
94 min
Suitable for audiences aged 7 and above
Director: Nir Bergman
Screenplay: Dana Idisis
Cast: Shai Avivi, Noam Imber, Smadar Wolfman, Efrat Ben Zur
Production: Jonathan Doweck, Eitan Mansuri, Marica Stocchi / Spiro Films, Rosamont
Print Source: MK2 International

Aharon has devoted his life to raising his son Uri. He has worked hard to ensure that they could live together. However, Uri’s mother wants to give Uri a chance to have his own home and life, since he is not a child anymore, even though he is autistic and needs some special attention.

When the moving day comes, Uri falls apart at the railway platform, when he realises that he is not going to live with his father anymore. Aharon decides not to take Uri to his new home and instead hits the road with him. During their journey, he finally learns that Uri is not a little boy anymore and that maybe he has needed Uri more than Uri needs him.

This touching film has great actors and a wise and warm vision of life.

Karoliina Ahonen, Development manager, Vamlas.