Bulgaria, France 2020
In Bulgarian, with English subtitles
125 min
Suitable for audiences aged 7 and above
Director: Kamen Kalev
Screenplay: Kamen Kalev
Cast: Lachezar Dimitrov, Kolyo Dobrev, Ivan Nalbantov, Hristo Dimitrov-Hindo, Stoqn Atanasov
Production: Filip Todorov, Kamen Kalev, Diane Jassem, Céline Chapdaniel / Waterfront Film, Koro Films
Print Source: Memento Films International

The wind caressing the leaves, secret pathways in the undergrowth, streams and ponds we playfully throw pebbles into, expansive fields and deserted hills under the gigantic sky, steep cliffs on an island covered by swarms of seagulls, snowstorms erasing the landscape, sparrows and eagles, flocks of sheep escorted by dogs, a donkey pulling on a small cart — and in the middle of this kaleidoscope changing with the seasons, a child, a young man, an older-timer. - - The film pays homage to very simple human beings who do not cheat with existence and who, on the humble and rough pathway they forge for themselves daily, reach a state that allows them to perceive the subtle variations in nature and which can lead to a kind of mystical elevation.

Fabien Lemercier, Cineuropa