Die Welt wird eine andere sein

Germany, France 2021
In German, English, Arabic and Turkish, with partial English subtitles
122 min
Suitable for audiences aged 12 and above
Director: Anne Zohra Berrached
Screenplay: Stefanie Misrahi & Anne Zohra Berrached
Cast: Canan Kir, Roger Azar, Jana Julia Roth, Ceci Chuh
Production: Gerhard Meixner, Roman Paul, Christiane Sommer / Razor Film
Print Source: Angel Films

Instantly attracted and sexually compatible, Saeed, who has had a secular upbringing, and Asli, who is also not religious, fell in love. Saeed is studying dentistry but his first love, ominously, is flying. Asli is a smart research scientist, cowered by a mother who has a deep cultural hatred of Arabs. Turkish Asli agrees to marry Arabian Saeed yet tells her mother they have broken up. That is just the first lie that they are about to live with. By time, Saeed changes and is spending more and more time with his friends. Asli realizes that she has married a man she does not know at all. Copilot is a captivating political love story, where all that is pure and good lies in tension with a world gone mad.

Production notes