Connections - No One Is an Island

Interactive film: Connections - No One is an Island

A pandemic is sweeping the Earth. Borders are drawn around us, isolating us from one another. At the same time, we are connected more than ever through our lived human experiences. In ‘Connections – No One Is an Island’ you are invited to transcend borders, to process the experience together with others and look ahead.

The audience will meet up for a screening in groups of nine. When you enter a screening session, you will be visually placed in your own square with a distance to others. The square symbolizes structure, security, and order. You are here to transcend your square. On the screen a master square appears and subtle music. A child’s voice begins to guide the audience. Together you will move through emotional stages of pandemic lockdown. The first stage rewinds to the beginning of isolation, a time when uncertainty and anxiousness were dominating emotions, combined with optimism and outright frustration. You travel forward on a cathartic journey through dark feelings like fatigue, depression, and alienation as well as lighter feelings like resilience, acceptance, and hope. Your group is asked to type immediate emotional responses to the video stories in one word and by doing that you shape the film - following connected emotional pathways across the Earth. You see everyone’s words appearing on the screen as they are being written. The words shift, change shape or merge if several people in the group feel the same way. You move through time, from country to country, discovering the connections between us, and end up on New Year’s Eve 2020, looking towards the future.

No one is an island. Perhaps you will see your own pandemic experience in a new light.

Director: Suvi Andrea Helminen

Producer: Ulrik Gutkin

Production Company: CFC Short & Doc

Co-producers: Kasper Bøttcher, Olli Tähtinen, Tim Miller & Cathy Feraday Miller

Visual Artist: Thomas Romlöv

Composer: Anna Lidell


8Danish-Canadian Incentive for Digital media, Nordisk Kulturfond (Nordic Culture Fond), AVEK and Den Vestdanske Filmpulje)

The screenings are free, but they require advance registration. Registration links are below.

You will receive clear instructions for arriving personally via email. The screenings take place in Tapiola, Espoo. The screening lasts about an hour.