Suitable for audiences aged 12 and above

The Weasels' Tale

El Cuento de las Comadrejas

Argentina, Spain 2019
In Spanish, with English subtitles
129 min
Suitable for audiences aged 12 and above
Director: Suitable for audiences aged 12 and above
Screenplay: Juan José Campanella & Darren Kloomok, based on the original story by Augusto Giustozzi & José Martínez Suárez
Cast: Graciela Borges, Oscar Martínez, Luis Brandoni, Marcos Mundstock, Clara Lago, Nicolás Francella
Production: Juan José Campanella, Muriel Cabeza, Gerardo Herrero & Axel Kuschevatzky / Tornasol Films, 100 Bares, JEMPSA, Telefe
Print Source: Latido Films

A group of four old friends living together in a big house in the country: diva-actress, her husband, film director, and a film writer. Their odd coexistence is menaced by a young couple who seek to get them to sell the house. Well calibrated, classically structured dark comedy highlights director’s skill in balancing a range of genres. Enjoyably over-the-top dark comedy that is sharp, funny and never dull. The main four characters are well-played with Argentinian golden age movie stars, sadly Marcos Mundstock passed away this April. Weasel's Tale is a remake of Argentinian Jose A. Martínez Suárez’s cult classic Yesterday's Guys Used No Arsenic (1976).