Junior Ciné: Animations for Kids

France, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, South Africa
No dialogue
30 min
Suitable for all ages

Raúl Morales Reyes
A Tiger with no Stripes (Le tigre sans rayures)

Little tiger enters on a journey to gain stripes.
France, Czech 2018
9 min
Copy: Folimage

Lena von Döhren
The Little Bird and the Bees (Die kleine Vogel und die Bienen)

Little bird makes a new friend, a buzzing bee. Fox is not quite as pleased of this nosey buzzer.
Czech 2020
4 min
Copy: Magnetfilm

Martin Smatana
The Kite (Pouštět draka)

Boy goes to see his granddad, initiating a journey filled with sweet memories.
Czech, Slovakia, Poland 2019
13 min
Copy: Magnetfilm

Jeremy Collins & Kelly Dillon
Belly Flop
Diving is an act of skills - but also style!
South Africa 2018
5 min
Copy: Triggerfish