Claire Burger

Real Love

C'est ça l'amour

France 2018
In French with English subtitles
98 min
Suitable for audiences aged 12 and above
Director: Claire Burger
Screenplay: Claire Burger
Cast: Bouli Lanners, Justine Lacroix, Sarah Henochsberg, Cecile Remy-Boutang
Production: Isabelle Madelaine / Dharamsala
Print Source: Indie Sales

Mario, a man without much ambition, except for love, is back to square one after his wife left home. He must now raise his two daughters on his own. They are going through their adolescent years while Mario goes through an almost teenager-like crisis of his own. 14-year-old Frida blames her father for her mother’s absence and develops ambivalent feelings towards his new girlfriend. 17-year-old Niki will soon leave home. Mario can’t help but lose the women he loves. They must all agree to let one another go. Can accepting to lose someone eventually lead to finding oneself?

Bengaluru International Film Festival