Walid Mattar

Northern Wind

Vent du nord

France, Tunisia, Belgium 2018
In French and Arabic with English subtitles
89 min
Suitable for audiences aged 12 and above
Director: Walid Mattar
Screenplay: Leyla Bouzid, Claude Le Pape, Walid Mattar
Cast: Philippe Rebbot, Mohamed Amine Hamzaoui, Kacey Mottet Klein, Corinne Masiero
Production: Saïd Hamich / Barney Production, Propaganda Productions, Hélicotronc
Print Source: Be for Films

Carefully avoiding Manichaeism, misery and tragedy, Northern Wind paints a convincing, respectful and affectionate picture of the working-class milieus of the two countries, without the film glazing over the small yet critical elements of the two societies, where both resourcefulness and obedience seem doomed to failure. A harsh observation masked by a coating of tender social, familial and sentimental comedy that gives the film a pleasant sweet-bitter flavour.

Cineuropa, Fabien Lemercier