Mikael Syrjälä

Elvis & Onerva

Finland 2019
In Finnish with English subtitles
70 min
Suitable for audiences aged 12 and above
Director: Mikael Syrjälä
Screenplay: Mikael Syrjälä
Cast: Mimosa Willamo, Johannes Brotherus, Saana Koivisto, David Sandqvist, Ella Lymi, Joel Hirvonen
Production: Julia Elomäki & Pietari Vappula / Meat Films
Print Source: Pirkanmaan elokuvakeskus

The main character, Elvis, falls for the new girl in class, Onerva. Seeking acceptance from his friends, Elvis lies and tells them he’s had sex with Onerva. Due to the lies and misunderstandings, the whole town is soon at a point where somebody should do something.

Elvis & Onerva tells a story of insecurity and longing for freedom, of fear that drives people to poor choices. The art-house drama draws inspiration from Thomas Vintenberg’s The Hunt and Roy Anderson’s A Swedish Love Story. The film is made by a group of young Finnish filmmakers, who want to portray youth in an honest, edgy way.

Anna Nuuros