Niels Bolbrinker & Thomas Tielsch

Bauhaus Spirit: 100 Years of Bauhaus

Vom Bauen der Zukunft - 100 Jahre Bauhaus

Germany 2018
In German and Spanish with English subtitles (partially in English)
90 min
Suitable for all
Director: Niels Bolbrinker & Thomas Tielsch
Screenplay: Niels Bolbrinker & Thomas Tielsch
Cast: Torsten Blume, Rosan Bosch, Alfredo Brillembourg, Jean-Marc Drut, Hubert Klumpner, Stephen Kovats, Van Bo Le-Mentzel, Christian Loclair
Production: Thomas Tielsch / Filmtank
Print Source: Autlook Filmsales

100 years ago, a radical artistic utopia was born in a small German town – one whose principles continue to influence our world today. A synthesis of free imagination and strict structure, enrichment and simplification, light and clarity. Bauhaus was one of the most significant contributions to culture and everyday life in the 20th century and many still draw inspiration from it, from Apple designers to architecture's avant-garde. Bauhaus Spirit opens up Bauhaus history, with its exciting potential for cross-pollination on a global and interdisciplinary scale, while asking: how do we want to live, where do we want to go?