Psiconautas A
Alberto Vázquez & Pedro Rivero

Psiconautas, the Forgotten Children
(Psiconautas, los niños olvidados)

Spain 2015
In Spanish, English subtitles
75 min
For audiences aged 16 and above

'Life on the island, or what's left of it, hasn't been the same since the great accident. Deeply alienated from her mother and stepfather, teenaged Dinky desires nothing more than to join her friends and escape the darkness, drudgery and subtle sense of menace that pervades the once-lively lump of rock in the sea. But she doesn't want to leave without the elusive Birdboy. Despised by the villagers and hunted by the police, the silent, drug-addicted outcast hides deep in the woods, secretly continuing the mysterious task of his murdered father. The rumour is that he's possessed by demons, and the drugs he takes do little to keep them at bay. In fact they seem to draw the monsters to him…
Spanish comic artist, animator and illustrator Alberto Vázquez first transposed the world of his graphic novel "Psiconautas" to the screen with the 2010 short film Birdboy. - - An enigmatic little effort, Birdboy left many questions unanswered. With his new animated feature film Psychonauts, the Forgotten Children, co-created with Pedro Rivero, Vázquez expands and enriches his simple yet surrealist world. Blessed with beautiful handcrafted artwork, Psychonauts is a fraught, even frightening fairy-tale bound to leave viewers more than a hint haunted.'
Rupert Bottenberg, Fantasia Film Festival

Director: Alberto Vázquez, Pedro Rivero
Screenplay: Alberto Vázquez, Pedro Rivero. Based on the graphic novel "Psiconautas" by Alberto Vázquez
Production: Farruco Castromán, Carlos Juárez, Luis Tosar / Zircozine Animation, Basque Films
Print: Basque Films