On the Other Side
On the Other Side
On the Other Side
Zrinko Ogresta

On the Other Side
(S one strane)

Croatia, Serbia 2016
In Croatian, English subtitles
85 min
For audiences aged 7 and above

'Middle-generation Croatian helmer Zrinko Ogresta brings a new twist to the subject of postwar ex-Yugoslavia with the gripping psychological drama "On the Other Side," co-written with the multi-talented playwright-screenwriter-composer-musician Mate Matisic. The action is seen through the eyes of a middle-aged Zagreb nurse whose war-criminal hubby contacts her out of the blue more than 20 years after he left the family. Further fest action is guaranteed for this emotionally complex, tautly assembled and powerfully acted pic, with niche theatrical play a possibility in some territories.
Is forgiveness possible? And is it ever possible to escape one's past? These questions provide the pic's underlying themes as Vesna (Ksenija Marinkovic), a middle-aged woman more or less on autopilot, is shocked into thoughts and feelings that she had long repressed after hearing the voice of her husband, Zarko (co-producer Lazar Ristovski, in one of the best roles he's had in years), saying that he would like to see her and the kids again.'
Alissa Simon, Variety

Director: Zrinko Ogresta
Screenplay: Mate Matišić & Zrinko Ogresta
Cast: Ksenija Marinković, Lazar Ristovski, Tihana Lazović, Robert Budak, Tena Jeić Gajski, Toni Šestan
Production: Ivan Maloča / Interfilm
Sales: Cercamon