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Espoo Cine 2011
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Lento con fuocoLoop Loop

Cartes Flux 2010 valikoima

Cartes Flux 2010 Selection

Cartes Flux on pääkaupunkiseudulla järjestettävä kansainvälinen uusmediafestivaali, joka esittelee kotimaisen ja kansainvälisen uusmediataiteen suuntauksia.

Cartes on koonnut Espoo Cinéen puolen tunnin mittaisen sikermän viime syksyn Flux-festivaalin huipuista.

Cartes Flux — Festival of New Media Art presents a collection of Finnish and international experimental and innovative new media art works.

Roberto Santaguida, Miraslava, 7 min

A young man, his life in tatters, seeks redemption by fleeing from the city.

Martin Messier, Autoportrait: Presto con amore, 4 min

A breathless body, articulated throurgh a surgical dissection of time. Like a collection of fragments, a being grown increasingly fractured – likely as it searches for itself, for the moments it is made of.

Martin Messier, Autoportrait: Lento con fuoco, 4 min

A submerged face, latent, despite the tension between air escaping out the nostrils and water gradually seeping in. Like two conflicting elements in a single body – a struggle experienced internally, in weightless time.

Yhteiskesto / Total length: 33 min

Cartes Flux 2011 18.—23.10.

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Christian Lindblad, Elevaatio, 8 min

Combinative 2D shapes gracefully fall across the screen. Together with the haunting music, they make us aware of our perception of figure and ground.

Patrick Bergeron, Loop Loop, 5 min

In a train going to Hanoi in Vietnam, the houses boarding the railroad are passing by. Using animation and time shifts this video runs forwards and backwards looking for forgotten details, mimicking the way memories are replayed in the mind.

José Vonk, Fences, 6 min

A short abstract handmade film, creating optical illusions by exploring graphic fence and wheel structures.