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The jubilee year 2009’s venues are situated, besides the Espoo Cultural Centre, also in the cinema Sello Rex in Leppävaara and in the cultural and recreational complex Andorra in Helsinki.

During the festival, a free Ciné bus travels between Tapiola and central Helsinki. There´ll be a bus both ways once every hour. Take a look at the exact daily timetable here>>.




Espoo Cultural Centre (Kulttuuriaukio 2 / Kaupinkallion tie 10, Espoo) in Tapiola has been Espoo Ciné’s vivid heart throughout the Festival’s entire 20-year-long existence.

The traditional open-air screening will be arranged in the dimming evening on Aurinkoterassi (Sun Terrace), located in between the Cultural Centre and the Tapiola indoor swimming pool.

The screenings take place in two venues: the intimate Louhi Hall and Tapiola Hall, which consists of nearly 800 seats.The cosy Ciné Tent in front of the Cultural Centre sells beverages and snacks as well as offers fatigued festival guests comfortable couches on which to enjoy the festival atmosphere. Film guests can be met in the Tent, and in the evenings, there will also be entertainment.

The Ciné bus brings festival visitors to the Festival Centre for free. The bus travels between Tapiola and central Helsinki – both ways once every hour.The bus from Helsinki departs from the Runeberginkatu stop, in front of the hotel Radisson SAS of Kamppi, always half past. From Tapiola to Helsinki, the bus departs on the hour. Take a glance at the timetable at the bottom of the page.
The nearest stops for YTV buses are to be found on the streets Merituulentie and Pohjatie (6). The buses travelling from Kamppi Public Transport Terminal to Tapiola are 105, 106, 106T, 109, 109T ja 110. The buses travelling from the Eliel Square to Tapiola are 194 and 195.
Those coming by their own car may park for an affordable price in the Kaupinkallio car park (7). The Espoo Ciné merchandise in the Cultural Centre sells parking tickets at a 3-euro price, with which the car can be parked for the whole evening.

B: BIO REX SELLO Leppävaara

This year, Espoo Ciné screenings will also be arranged, for the first time, in the cinema Bio Rex Sello (Ratsukatu 3, 02600 Espoo) in the Leppävaara shopping centre Sello.

Leppävaara can easily be reached from the centre of Helsinki by train: the commuter train station is marked with the number 2 on the map. Within Espoo, bus is the easiest means of transport to get to Leppävaara: nearest bus stops have been marked with the number 3 on the map.


C: ANDORRA Helsinki

Due to the jubilee year, films will be screened also in the cultural and recreational complex Andorra – more exactly, in the cinema Kino (Eerikinkatu 11, Helsinki). Andorra is marked with the number 1 on the map. 

The free Ciné bus travels between central Helsinki and the Festival Centre during the festival. The bus stop in Helsinki is located in front of the hotel Radisson SAS (Runeberginkatu 2). You will find the timetable at the bottom of this page.

YTV buses from Helsinki to Tapiola depart either from Kamppi Public Transport Terminal (4) or the Eliel Square.

Timetable for free Ciné bus

The free Ciné bus departs from the stop in front of the Radisson Blu Royal Hotel in Kamppi (Runeberginkatu 2, 00100 Helsinki) and arrives in front of the main entrance of the Tapiola Festival Centre. The Ciné bus from Tapiola to Helsinki departs from in front of the Festival Centre and arrives in front of the Kamppi underground station on Runeberginkatu.
The bus travels both ways once an hour. The journey takes about 10–20 minutes, depending on the traffic. Please note that when the bus is full, it departs prior to the time announced in the schedule.

 From Kamppi at half past
Runeberginkatu 2

From Tapiola on the hour
in front of the Festival Centre 

First bus
Last bus

First bus
Last bus

Fri 21 Aug
Sat 22 aug
Sun 23 Aug
Mon 24 Aug
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