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Printable Pictures for Media Distribution

This is the preliminary photo library of this year’s programme. The final photo library will be available 27 July 2009. If you needed pictures of the Festival or this year’s programme already before then, contact the Festival’s Press Secretary by email at mickael.suominen(at)espoocine.fi.

 Bellamy 02 

Claude Chabrol, Bellamy (TF1 International)

 In the Electric Mist 01 Bertrand Tavernier, In the Electric Mist. (Future Film)
 Un giorno perfetto 01 
Ferzan Özpetek, Un giorni perfetto (A Perfect Day). (Fandango Portobello Sales)
 Welcome 01 Philippe Lioret, Welcome. (Films Distribution)
 La Journee de la jupe Jean-Paul Lilienfeld, La Journée de la jupe. (Skirt Day) (Rezo Films)
 An Englishman in New York 01 Richard Laxton, An Englishman in New York. (Leopardrama)
 The Secrets  Avi Nesher, The Secrets (Ha-Sodot) (הסודוח). (WestEnd Films)
 Out-630 The choir Out'n loud. Photo by Sakari Viika.