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EC palkki 04
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2004: Revolutionary festival

2004 Sikojen vallankumous -elokuvan ohjaajat, Jaak
Directors of Revolution of Pigs: Jaak Kilmi & René Reinumägi.
Espoo Ciné 2004 was rather a revolutionary festival. Revolution of Pigs (Sigade Revolutsioon) told the story of Estonian youth during the last years under the Soviet regime, and viewers got to experience the turbulences of the 1960s South America with The Motorcycle Diaries and Che – The Last Hours: a fiction and a documentary, respectively, about the revolutionary Che Guevara. Social criticism continued with Morgan Spurlock’s sensational fast food documentary Super Size Me and the anti-globalization film The Yes Men.

The Festival’s documentary programme got started the year before, proving to be a success. Thus, the programme became established in 2004.

2004 ihmisi� sateessa
Festival folk in the rain.

2004 punainen aula
The Cultural Centre lobby was decorated with red for a change.

2004 Julian Richards
Director Julian Richards came to introduce his film The Last Horror Movie.