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2002: Hardcore Jazz and Interaction

In 2002, Espoo Ciné was already a perky teenager. One of the highlights of the Festival was the famous Strike by Sergei Eisenstein, accompanied by Tequilajazzz from St. Petersburg. The band’s music was puzzlingly described as something between hardcore jazz and power pop, and this wild combination suited amazingly well the speed and the fury of the film.

Chris Hales, Teijo Pellinen and others explored the communality of a cinema experience by organizing an interactive film screening: viewers got to affect the events of a film by a voice vote. The successful experiment attracted many viewers eager to interact, and it gained a fair deal of media attention, too.

002 Ohjaus S. Eisenstein

Sande Zeig
Sande Zeig.
Espoo Ciné 2002 offered its audience an impressive queer programme: a great number of films which represented the very extremes of the queer cinema pole. Director and scriptwriter Sande Zeig also visited the Festival; she introduced her film The Girl and answered audience questions afterwards.
 002 Jari Halonen
Director Jari Halonen visited the Festival.
 002 Chris Hales & alii
Chris Hales (left) and the Finnish team.