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1993: Expanding festival

1993Espoo Ciné 1993 attracted 16,600 film enthusiasts. The main theme of the Festival was European Cinema, and films were screened within nine programmes. In addition, the Festival presented the four most important festival visitors’ – Claude Miller, Pilar Miró, Detlev Buck and Ingemo Engström – miniretrospectives. Olavi Similä from the Finnish Film Archive assembled a François Truffaut film poster exhibition for the festival audience to enjoy.

Besides films and exhibitions, festival visitors also found their way to the beer tent pitched in front of the Espoo Cultural Centre. According to a festival legend, some of the most passionate film enthusiasts stayed in the tent overnight (and kept watch over the beer tanks) in order to be able to briskly face the cinematic adventures of the new day.

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1990s festival people.