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1990: The first year

1990 värilogo

Espoo Ciné International Film Festival was first arranged in August 1990 in the Cultural Centre of Espoo. In the first year, altogether 66 films from 18 countries were categorized into seven programmes and screened during the five festival days. Screenings were held in the halls Louhi and Tapiola in the Cultural Centre and in the cinema Kino Tapiola which were later established as the usual venues of the annual Festival. The first Espoo Ciné entertained altogether 8,500 festival visitors.

The main section of the very first Festival was a selection from the Baltic Sea region including films from Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Poland and the former Soviet Union which still existed in those days. The international jury awarded Estonian Jüri Sillart the honorary prize, named after the Finnish director Nyrki Tapiovaara, due to his film Äratus (The Awakening). To celebrate the 100th anniversary of Charles Chaplin’s birth, an extensive Chaplin exhibition was organized and several Chaplin’s films were featured at the Festival.

The Festival climaxed with a classic from the silent era, The Witch (Häxan 1922) by Danish Benjamin Christensen, accompanied by Edward Vesala’s composition and his band. Edward Vesala ja Noita