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Cine espanol 85 pieni

Jesús García de Dueñas

Visual history of Spanish cinema:

Cine español. Una crónica visual

Cinema is life, or at least, the representation of life in all its aspects: landscapes, villages, towns and cities, customs and festivities, costumes, gastronomy, free time, life in society or portraits, some of which, because of their expressivity or symbolic value, represent the chronicle of a country. In this way, photographs, shots that bring the motion picture to a halt, are small cut-out souvenirs, giving us the chance to look at them again.

Since its origins in 1896, the Spanish film industry has been characterised not only by a prolific and surprising continuity in the production of films, but also by the tremendous effort on the part of numerous filmmakers who have brought us their personal touch, seeking to record and express in images that which, relentlessly and hardly without realising it, began to establish our own identity.
espanol 01 pieni
The exhibition "Cine español. Una crónica visual" (Spanish Cinema. A Visual Chronicle), organised by the Instituto Cervantes, the Spanish Agency for International Cooperation for Development (AECID) and Lunwerg Editores, invites you to one of the most fascinating débuts one can attend: one century of images and emotions that allow you to take a walk through the history and evolution of our cinema.
espanol 02 pieniThrough a selection of one hundred and thirty one photographs – some never or seldom seen before –, and twenty posters we witness the creation of a collective imagery of which we can recall the faces that have passed through this historic space, as well as embark upon a new itinerary, full of secret and unknown places that shed light on the attractive complexity and cultural wealth of a diverse, contemporaneous and plural country.
The exhibition begins with a chronological overview of Spanish cinema, from its origins until today, showing the most emblematic images of each decade. In parallel, and closely linked to this common theme, we can find a mosaic with the most recurrent themes and features of Spanish cinema, with a special section dedicated to the actor and director Fernando Fernán-Gómez.
Cine espanol 04 pieni
 Carne tremulaThe exhibition also wishes to pay a tribute to all those artists and illustrators, whether well-known or anonymous, who turned their work into art, and that is why a small selection of posters from different periods has been included.
In short, this exhibition is a cultural benchmark, an essential and well-deserved exercise for recovering our common places, of developing a country’s own identity, and above all, of reconstructing our own small inner world through pictures, through our memories of films, which are also part of our life and therefore, we can recall them once again, or maybe imagine that we are seeing them for the first time.
 Cine espanol 08 pieni
The exhibition, arranged in cooperation with the Spanish Embassy, is open to the public during the festival in the exhibition gallery of the Espoo Cultural Centre.
To make the Spanish experience complete, try out some Mediterranean delicacies in the restaurant Sevilla.