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Espoo Cine 20 years

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Espoo Ciné 20 years

This year’s Espoo Ciné International Film Festival is already the 20th! Due to the anniversary, the festival is extended to ten days: this means a wider programme as well as screening a majority of the films more than once.

In the jubilee year, screenings also spread out in the neighbouring cities: besides the Espoo Cultural Centre, films will also be screened in the cinemas Bio Rex Sello, Leppävaara, as well as Andorra, Helsinki.

Espoo Ciné 20 years festive programme
To mark the anniversary, Espoo Ciné has compiled a special festive programme including some cinematic delicacies from the past years for to be seen once more.

 Hellä suudelma 01 pieniThe festive programme includes works from directors whose importance to Espoo Ciné is indisputable, such as Ken Loach. His film Ae Fond Kiss..., now to be screened once again, had its Finland premiere at Espoo Ciné in 2004.
In 1993, the über-favourite of the festival was The Piano by Jane Campion. The film inspired the cover of the catalogue as well as the motif in the festival t-shirt. Piano 01

A mi madre le gustan las mujeres 03 pieniThe audience's favourite film in 2005 was A mi madre le gustan las mujeres, starring Leonor Watling. The film won the audience voting and was screened exceptionally twice − both the screenings selling out.
Michael Haneke, the man whose name has been on everyone's lips particularly this year, is one of Espoo Ciné's favourite directors. One of his most impressive films is The Pianist, based on the sensational novel "Die Klavierspielerin" by Elfriede Jelinek.
Pianonopettaja 04 pieni