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Can Morgan Spurlock find Osama? Come and find out at Espoo Ciné on Saturday at 21.00!


The hilarious fast-food documentary Super Size Me was screened at Espoo Ciné four years ago with the director Morgan Spurlock also visiting the festival. The film examined in detail the immense health risks posed by the so-called junk food. In his latest documentary, Spurlock is examining an evil of another kind: he is tracing the world's most wanted man, Osama bin Laden. But how does Spurlock think he can find someone even the CIA has not succeeded in tracking down despite many years on his trail?
In his uproarious new film, Spurlock travels across and all over the Middle East, not so much intending to actually track down bin Laden but demonstrating how George W. Bush's view of the world with its notorious idea of an "axis of evil" does not quite hold water. The director meets ordinary families and listens to their everyday troubles in Afghanistan, Egypt, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Morocco and Ramallah – with fully armed, raving mad jihadists nowhere to be seen.

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Where in the World is Osama Bin Laden?!?

Morgan Spurlock (Super Size Me) was trying to find Osama at Espoo Ciné 2008

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