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Happy-Go-Lucky won the award for Best Actress at the Berlinale last February – and for a very good reason: in it, Sally Hawkins gives a peppery but heart-melting and sensitive performance that must rank among the very best in the history of cinema. She plays Sally, a thirty-something single woman, whose world is simply filled with sunshine. Misfortunes fail to depress her, and the negative sides of her fellow human beings seem to be invisible to this lady, although this isn’t always for the best.
Happy-Go-Lucky is, in many ways, a highly typical Mike Leigh film, and like many of its predecessors, it was partially improvised during shooting. It is, however, also a very remarkable film for the director known for his examinations into the darker sides of our everyday lives: this time the squalor remains in the background with not a hint of dramatic underlining in sight. For the first time Leigh has directed a fresh, elegant, all-out comedy.

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