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Wild Strawberries

Through flashbacks and fantasies, dreams and nightmares, Wild Strawberries dramatizes one man’s remarkable voyage of self-discovery. This richly humane masterpiece, full of iconic imagery, is a treasure from the golden age of art-house cinema and one of the films that catapulted Ingmar Bergman to international acclaim.

Nordic Shorts

The most interesting short films from Nordic countries! Come to see what's happening in short film scene in our dear neighbouring countries!


Jule and Jan travel with an old 303 camping bus from Berlin through France and Spain to the South of Portugal. They hold energetic discussions about the system, the nature of man, love and relationships. At the same time, they try hard not to fall in love.

Ana, mon amour

Toma and Ana meet as students in the literature faculty, and quickly fall in love. But, because of Ana's mental illness, their relationship slowly collapses.

You Disappear

Principal Frederik is arrested and charged with fraud. He has had a brain tumor for the last three years, which has created a change to his personality. His wife Mia will have to muster all her strength to get him acquitted and try to save her family.

The Wife

Behind any great man, there’s always a greater woman … and you’re about to meet her. Glenn Close is doing her arguably best role ever!

Summer 1993

Spain, summer 1993. Following the death of her parents, six years old Frida faces the first summer with her new adoptive family.. Before the season is over, the girl has to learn to cope with her emotions and her parents have to learn to love her as their own daughter.

Mary Shelley

Mary Shelley tells the story of 18 years old Mary Wollstonecraft Godwin - author of one of the world’s most famous Gothic novels ‘Frankenstein’ - and her fiery, tempestuous relationship with renowned romantic poet Percy Bysshe Shelley.


Misako is a passionate writer of film versions for the visually impaired. At a screening, she an older photographer who is slowly losing his eyesight. Together, they will learn to see the radiant world that was invisible to her eyes.


Anton and Katia are trying to find their bearings in life, and their encounter changes everything… This psychological drama by debuting Marina Stepanska offers up both a fragile love story and a strong statement on the current young generation.

The Cakemaker

After the death of his lover, Thomas heads to Israel – the birthplace of the man he adored. Thomas becomes the pastry chef at a café owned by the lover’s widow, who hardly suspects that the unnamed sorrow that connects her to the stranger is for the same man.

Anna's War

It is the year 1941. Amidst the mass coordinated execution of Jews the entire family of a 6-year-old Anna dies. So begins a story of the struggle for life, of fighting against the huge and terrifying world of adults.


A sultry and sensational performance from Jeanne Balibar fuels Mathieu Amalric’s experimental music biopic.

The New Kid

Benoit, the new kid at a school, is bullied by a gang of arrogant popular boys. Only students who treat him with any kindness are the "losers". But what if this bunch of losers turns out to be the best gang ever?

The War Game

When Malte moves to a new area with his mother, he lands in the middle of a conflict between two gangs of children. With a good head for strategy, Malte sees the conflict as an opportunity to gain a foothold among the children. But then it all escalates.


Story of a small boy is forced to move out of Prague during World War 2 to a small village where he meets the rest of his family. He needs to make new friends and get used to a new life which is immensely different from what this city boy was used to.


After ten years abroad, Catherine returns to Luxembourg to catch up with her daughter Alba, who is being brought up by Catherine's mother Elisabeth. Luxembourg's Oscar nominee Barrage is a beautiful drama about three women in three generations.

55 Steps

When patients' rights lawyer Colette Hughes goes to meet her new client, she has no idea that besides taking on a legal battle to improve treatment for mental patients, she is meeting a woman who will make it her mission to transform Colette's workaholic life.

The Bed

Jorge and Mabel spend their last 24 hours as a couple locked in their family home. They eat, fuck, cry and laugh - dismantle their house, just as they do their relationship. A realistic exploration of the the intimate, the wonder of ordinary life.

Blue My Mind

15-year-old Mia faces an overwhelming transformation which puts her entire existence into question. Her body is changing radically, and despite attempts to halt the process, Mia is soon forced to accept that nature is far more powerful than she is.


Three estranged adult siblings reunite for a road trip after being mysteriously summoned to their home village by their long-absent father, confronting their shared, troubled past along the way.

The Charmer

The Charmer is an intense psychological drama about Esmail, a young Iranian man who is desperately trying to meet women who can secure his stay in Denmark. The film deals with themes of race, class, and the struggle for a better life.


Casey lives with her mother in a Midwestern town haunted by the promise of modernism. Jin, a visitor from the other side of the world, attends to his dying father. The two find respite in one another and the architecture that surrounds them.

The Cured

Years after Europe was ravaged by the Maze virus, transforming people into cannibalistic monsters, a cure is finally found. Senan Browne, who is haunted by what he did while infected, returns to the home of his brother’s widow, Abbie.


Miriam and Antoine have divorced, and Miriam is seeking sole custody of their son Julien to protect him from a father she claims is violent.

The Divine Order

The year is 1971. Nora is a young housewife who lives with her husband and their two sons in a little village. She is a retiring, quiet person, well liked by everyone - until she begins to campaign publicly and pugnaciously for women's right to vote.

England Is Mine

A portrait of Steven Patrick Morrissey and his early life in 1970's Manchester before he went on to become lead singer of seminal 80's band The Smiths.


Two estranged sisters with beaucoup unresolved issues meet for a European holiday in Swedish writer-director Lisa Langseth’s inauspicious English-language feature Euphoria.


A handsome playwright meets a mysterious woman during a snowstorm. A romantic drama starring Isabelle Huppert and Gaspard Ulliel.

The Ex-Wife

With humour and seriousness, The Ex-Wife swoops down on three relationships, where the roles of the women are that of the accommodating girlfriend, the fretful wife and the brooding ex-wife.

Fifty Springtimes

Aurore, separated from her husband, has just lost her job. She is slowly being pushed to the outskirts of society, but when she accidentally runs into the great love of her youth, she finally puts her foot down and refuses to be relegated to the scrap yard.

Forget about Nick

Against the backdrop of New York's dazzling fashion scene, a woman in the process of transforming herself from a model into a designer is forced to live with her husband's ex-wife when he disappears without a trace.


A small town in the Luxembourg countryside hides some heinous secrets in Govinda Van Maele’s mystery thriller, Gutland. The film blurs the line between fantasy and reality, from the eerie intro all the way through to a surprise finale that raises goosebumps.

Handia (Giant)

Martin returns to his family from war only to find that his younger brother towers over him in height. Convinced that everyone will want to see the tallest man on Earth, the siblings set out on a long trip, during which ambition, money and fame will forever change the family’s fate.


Hannah is the intimate portrait of a woman’s loss of identity as she teeters between denial and reality. Left alone grappling with the consequences of her husband's imprisonment, Hannah begins to unravel.

In Times of Fading Light

In Times of Fading Light, just before the fall of the Berlin Wall, the birthday celebrations of an East German family turn into a tragicomical moment of political and personal breakdown.

Killing Jesus

Paula witnesses the cold-blooded murder of her father and accidentally crosses paths with the hitman who did the job. Driven by her anger, the choice of revenge seems to be the only reaction. But what if both of them are the victims of a corrupt system?

Lost in Paris

Replete with the amazing antics and intricately choreographed slapstick that has come to define the driectors' work, Lost in Paris is a wondrously fun and hectic tale of peculiar people finding love while lost in the City of Lights.

Lover for a Day

This is the story of a father, his 23-year-old daughter, who goes back home one day because she has just been dumped, and his new girlfriend, who is also 23 and lives with him

Scary Mother

A 50-year-old housewife struggles with her dilemma - she has to choose between her family life and her passion, writing, which she had repressed for years - she decides to follow her passion and plunges herself into writing, sacrificing to it mentally and physically.


Lila and Mo meet at a bus stop. Lila has a paralysing speech impediment. Mo is chatty and exuberant. Lila is preparing for her exams. Mo illegally races cars for a living. Opposites attract, and they fall in love. But Mo carries a secret burden…

A Sort of Family

One afternoon Malena receives a call, telling her that the baby she was expecting is about to be born. Malena decides to set out on an uncertain voyage on which she constantly asks herself to what limits she is prepared to go to get the thing she wants most.

What Will People Say

At home Nisha is the perfect Pakistani daughter, but when out with her friends, she is a normal Norwegian teenager. After her father catches her in bed with her boyfriend, he decides to kidnap her and place her with relatives in Pakistan.

The Place

A mysterious man sits every day at the same table of the same restaurant, accepting to grant his visitors’ biggest wishes and assigning them peculiar tasks to accomplish in return. What will they be ready to do to get what they want?

Simon and Théodore

Simon is going to become a father soon. But how can this emotionally wounded man take care of a child when he can’t even take care of himself? An encounter with Théodore, an adolescent who’s never known his father, will give Simon the chance to reflect upon his fatherhood.


A confused religious girl tries to deny her feelings for a female friend who's in love with her. This causes her suppressed subconsciously-controlled psychokinetic powers to reemerge as seizures with devastating results.


A hard-working farmer is determined to have his son take over the farm and continue his legacy. The mother tries her best to keep the family together, but with increasing horror the son witnesses his father's psychotic behaviour escalate.

A Season in France

A French Drama about two brothers, Abbas and Etienne, who are in Paris as refugees without papers. The film is an intimate statement for humanity and human dignity, and it tells a touching story about one of the biggest tragedies of our time.

The Pairless

Old friends Masa and Tapsa have very different life situations: Masa is happily married but Tapsa has recently lost his wife and is a single-parent. Masa tries to help Tapsa inviting him to a pottery class.

The Next Skin

A teenager who had disappeared eight years ago, returns when everybody thought he was dead, and he enters into a family life marked by the mystery of his disappearance. Little by little, the doubt of being the real kid disappeared or an impostor arises.

Pin Cushion

Pin Cushion is an original story about a young girl Iona, who was abandoned as a child by her parents. This coming of age film combines British reality with magical elements in a captivating way.


In a small, remote village in upstate Quebec, things have changed. Locals are not the same anymore. Their bodies are breaking down and they have turned against their loved ones. A handful of survivors goes hiding into the woods, looking for others like them.

Reinventing Marvin

Martin Clement has escaped a little village in the countryside - his family, his father's tyranny and his mother's resignation, as well as intolerance and the bullying he suffered from being singled out as "different." Against all odds, he has found allies.


Gabriel and Iris go back to a family home in Portugal with their daughters Emma and Zoe, irresistible six-year-old twins. While the children enjoy their time under the sun, ghosts of the past start to creep up on the parents' happiness.

Sunday's Illness

Thirty-five years later after her mother has abandoned her, Chiara returns with a strange request; she asks her mother to spend ten days together. Anabel agrees, but doesn’t know that Chiara has a hidden purpose.


Jacek loves heavy metal, his girlfriend and his dog - other people see him as an amusing freak. He works at the construction site of what it is supposed to become the world’s tallest statue of Jesus. After a severe accident, he has to undergo a first facial transplant.

Finnish Gala Screening

In Finnish Gala Screening there will be exquisite selection of the best Finnish short films of the previous year!