The Greenaway Alphabet

United Kingdom 2017
In English with no subtitles
70 min
Suitable for audiences aged 12 and above
Director: Saskia Boddeke
Screenplay: Saskia Boddeke
Cast: Peter Greenaway, Pip Greenaway
Production: Julia Emmering / Beeld
Print Source: Wide House

Peter Greenaway (b. 1942) is one of the great aesthetics of European art film, who has had a curious and somewhat experimental attitude towards the medium since his first full-length work The Falls (1980). The portrait is directed by Greenaway’s spouse Saskia Boddeke, who steers the encyclopedic documentary with the similar curiosity and controlled inexpectancy than its subject’s career. The screen is shared between Greenaway and his 15-year-old daughter Pip. Boddeke’s camera is often just listening silently their private dialogue about art, life and love. Familiar collage editing and interface-like windows make it apparent that Boddeke’s and Greenaway’s cinematic style has developed together during their 20 years of companionship.