The Goddesses of Food

A la recherche des femmes chefs

France 2016
In English, French, Spanish and Chinese with English subtitles
90 min
Suitable for audiences of all ages
Director: Vérane Frédiani
Screenplay: Vérane Frédiani
Cast: Anne-Sophie Pic, Adeline Grattard, Cristina Bowerman, Elena Arzak, Amanda Cohen, Dominique Crenn, Kamilla Seidler, Alice Waters, Clare Smyth, Paz Levinson
Production: Franck Ribière / La Ferme! Productions
Print Source: Autlook Filmsales

In the male dominate food universe, discover the women changing the game on all levels. Presenting the best female chefs, including multi Michelin star chefs Dominique Crenn and Barbara Lynch, and introducing rising new stars and those making incredible food in all corners of the world. A global journey exploring the female strength in gastronomy. Prominent chefs and journalists investigate on what holds women chefs back in the modern mediated world of cuisine and what needs to be done to change the way women in the food industry are viewed.