The Bed

La cama

Argentina, Germany, Netherlands, Brazil 2018
In Spanish with English subtitles
95 min
Suitable for audiences aged 16 and above
Director: Mónica Lairana
Screenplay: Mónica Lairana
Cast: Alejo Mango, Sandra Sandrini
Production: Mónica Lairana, Adriana Yurcovich, Paulo Pécora & Gema Juárez Allen / Rioabajo, Gema Films, Sutor Kolonko
Print Source: Pascale Ramonda Inc.

A couple that is separating is spending their last day together. The house was sold, and now they have to dismantle it and divide all the things they've collected in their life together between them before the moving truck arrives.The last day includes both laugh and sorrow when looking back their shared memories and saying goodbye to each other. Based on director’s own experience, The Bed is a raw and realistic exploration of the private and the intimate, the wonder of ordinary life. The intention is to portray that final instant of a couple breaking up.