Taste of Life

Der Geschmack von Leben

Germany 2017
In German with English subtitles
88 min
For audiences aged 18 and above
Director: Roland Reber
Screenplay: Roland Reber, Mira Gittner, Antje Nikola Mönning
Cast: Antje Nikola Mönning, Andreas Pegler, Wolfgang Seidenberg, Iris Boss, Agnes Thi-Mai, Norman Graue, Marina Anna Eich, Mira Gittner
Production: Patricia Koch, Marina Anna Eich / wtp international
Print Source: wtp international

What if the meaning of life was as simple as mixing up sperm with pineapple juice? That’s what Nikki, a German independent vlogger, has found out. The media, who of course are “fake news”, work for the deep state and big pharma (the pharmaceutical companies only interested in selling antidepressants). The only way to spread the word about her findings is to go down on as many guys as possible.