Kids on the Silk Road

Børnene på Silkevejen / Silkkitien lapset (yläkoulu)

Denmark 2017
In Mongolian, Kyrgyz, Nepalese, Hindi and Bengali with Finnish subtitles
104 min
For audiences aged 12 and above
Director: Jens Pedersen
Screenplay: Jens Pedersen
Production: Maria Stevnbak Westergren / Toolbox Film
Print Source: Autlook Filmsales

"Kids on the Silk Road" is a series of documentaries for children aged 10-12 about their peers living in the ancient Silk Road countries in Central and South East Asia. In this screening there will be 3 episodes of the series.

Kids on the Silk Road 1: Girl Against Gravity
Erdenchimeg has her mind set on becoming a famous contortionist – a speciality of Mongolian acrobats. Her team at the circus school is invited to become part of a prestigious show on the parliament square. But suddenly Erdenchimeg seems incapable of managing her exercise. The prospect of becoming the 'odd one out' on her team is all the more frightening because her dad is imprisoned, her mother is a former drunk and Erdenchimeg was only admitted to the circus school as an act of good will. Not just her own dreams, but also the dignity of her family is at stake. But in the end she finds her inner strength and pulls through.

Kids on the Silk Road 2: Horse Fever
Daniar (12) lives on a farm in the mountains of Kyrgyzstan. He loves animals -­- and horses most of all. One day his father presents him with a young wild stallion that he get’s to keep if he can tame it. Daniar is overjoyed and takes the challenge but the horse has a bad temper. A dramatic incidence happens where his brother is kicked in the head of Daniar’s horse so it has to be put down. Daniar looses his beloved horse and promise himself to teach his new horse harder.

Kids on the Silk Road 3: Poonam's Fortune
Poonam (14) happily breaks the news of her imminent marriage during a break at her school in Nepal. As her friends lose themselves in stories about horrible marriages of other girls, it dawns on Poonam that she has no clue about her future husband and in-­-laws. All she knows is that in few days she’ll be moving to their house and must abide by their rules. How will she secure her position in her new family? She cries during the wedding when she leaves her mother. She fulfills the dreams of her and the husbands families when she 9 months later delivers a baby boy. Luckily in her case she falls in love with her husband who turns out to be a great boyfriend and in this relationship she can still be the teenage girl Poonam. 

Kids on the Silk Road 4: Music in My Blood 
To Ravi it feels like flying when he jams with his brother on the rooftops in his village in India. Born into a family of wedding musicians with traditions going back further that anyone remembers, Ravi's dad taught him how to play the drums and brought little Ravi along on the jobs. Playing at weddings is not only a gift, however, it's also the bread and butter of the family. And when Ravi starts pursuing his own musical ambitions he clashes with his dad, his mentor and idol. In the end he stands up for himself to go his own way to become the artist he knows he is and he finally gets the support of his dad. 

Kids on the Silk Road 5: Life Is a Beach
Javed has already moved from home and lives on the beach with his good friend Shahidul outside Bangladesh. Javed has dropped out of 2nd grade because his teacher was beating him. He now makes a living together with Shahidul by giving people massage on the beach so he can afford food and to surf. Javed both skates and surfs as much as he can. There is a big surf competition coming up that he wants to win. But his mother wants him to move back home, so he can make money for the family. At the same time his surfing teacher pushes him to go back to school. What should he do? He almost wins the surf contest and afterwards comes to the conlusion with his best friend and surfing teacher that he will go back to school and that it is alright as long as his mum will respect that he continues to surf in his spare time.

 Please note that the films are in Mongolian, Kyrgyz, Nepalese, Hindi and Bengali with Finnish subtitles only.