Austria 2017
104 min
For audiences aged 12 and above
Director: Monja Art
Screenplay: Monja Art
Cast: Elisabeth Wabitsch, Anaelle Dézsy, Alexandra Schmidt, Christopher Schärf, Alexander Wychodil
Production: Ulrich Gehmache / Orbrock Filmproduktion
Print Source: Salzgeber & Co. Medien

Somewhere in Lower Austria; the school term is drawing to a close and the summer holidays are not far off. Boarding school pupil Paula, seventeen, is secretly in love with her girlfriend Charlotte. But Charlotte’s going out with Michael. Lovelorn, Paula decides to try and take her mind of things by getting involved with schoolmate Tim, whose feelings for her are at least genuine. Paula has no idea how often Charlotte thinks of her. And then there’s Lilli, who is just dying for someone to fancy her and tries to play the wild seductress. Paula must decide if she wants to follow her own feelings or yield to other people’s.

Lanzenkirchen, mon amour: in her debut as a director Monja Art portrays teenage life and love in the sticks as a roller coaster ride of the emotions in a collection of amorous mini-dramas.