Reinventing Marvin

Marvin ou la belle éducation

France 2017
In French and English with English subtitles
115 min
Suitable for audiences aged 16 and above
Director: Anne Fontaine
Screenplay: Anne Fontaine & Pierre Trividic
Cast: Finnegan Oldfield, Grégory Gadebois, Isabelle Huppert, Vincent Macaigne, Catherine Salée, Jules Porier
Production: Philippe Carcassonne, Pierre-Alexandre Schwab & Jean-Louis Livi / Ciné@, P.A.S. Productions & F Comme Film
Print Source: TF1 Studio

Martin Clement, born Marvin Bijou, has escaped a little village in the countryside. He has escaped his family, his father's tyranny and his mother's resignation. He has escaped intolerance, rejection and the bullying he suffered from being singled out as "different". Against all odds, he has found allies. 
First his school principal, who introduced him to theater. Then Abel Pinto, his mentor and role model, who will encourage him to tell his story on stage. Finally, Isabelle Huppert will help him get this show produced and bring it to life. 

Production notes