Flame + Just One Kiss

Polte + Just One Kiss

Finland 2018
No dialogue
75 min
Suitable for audiences of all ages
Director: Sami van Ingen
Production: Flame: Mika Taanila + Just One Kiss: Sami van Ingen
Print Source: Flame: AV-Arkki + Just One Kiss: Sami van Ingen

Flame is a fractured melodrama, based on damaged frames from the last minutes of the only remaining nitrate reel of the lost feature film Silja – Fallen Asleep When Young (1937) directed by Teuvo Tulio. All screening prints and the negative of the film were destroyed in a 1959 studio fire. A sequence from the middle of the film was found at La Cinémathèque Française in Paris in 2015.

Soundtrack for Flame is composed by Henri Lindström.


Just One Kiss – The Fall of Ned Kelly is an interpretation of the world’s first full-length feature film, The Story of the Kelly Gang (1906) by Charles Tait, which has since disappeared, Just One Kiss combines the surviving storyline and part of the 17 minutes of restored material with appropriated footage to re-create this seminal film.

Just One Kiss is accompanied by live music – a different collaboration in each screening. After each screening a shot or scene is added to the original 4000 feet long 35mm screening print, as a way to follow the traces of the Taits’ film. Slowly, the story gets more diverse and epic, with no final version of it, but a series of projection events with different interpretations and an ever-expanding cinematic narrative.

This screening will be accompanied by Hanna Hohti (Viola), Markus Hohti (Cello) and Sami Klemola (Electronics).