My Life Story

United Kingdom 2017
In English with no subtitles
96 min
Suitable for audiences of all ages
Director: Julian Temple
Screenplay: Toby Follett, Graham McPherson
Cast: Graham "Suggs" McPherson, Perry Benson, Ashley Gunstock, Dean Mumford
Production: Stephen Malit / Rock & Roll Cinema
Print Source: The Festival Agency

Temple takes a stage show, adds some drama, archive, animation and music, then shakes it all up for this film where Suggs, the Madness front man, takes a hilarious, yet moving, look back at his life in a musical form. The death of Suggs’ beloved cat on his fiftieth birthday triggers a personal quest to discover what happened to the father he never knew. Hold on to your seats as Suggs goes on to stumble and plummet through the trap door of failure; then trampoline back up to catch the passing trapeze of show business success.

Electric Place Cinema