I Am William

Jeg er William / Minä olen William

Denmark 2017
In Danish with Finnish subtitles
86 min
Suitable for audiences aged 7 and above, recommended for audiences aged 9 and up
Director: Jonas Elmer
Screenplay: Kim Fupz Aakeson based on his own novel by the same name
Cast: Alexander Magnússon, Amina Awan Abou Arrakha, Dorte Højsted, Niels-Martin Eriksen, Rasmus Bjerg, Stinne Henriksen
Production: Stine Meldgaard & Jakob Høgel / Meta Film
Print Source: Det Danske Filminstitut

I am William is a story about William, who doesn’t always have the easiest life. His mom is in a psychiatric hospital, so Willian lives with his Uncle Nils, who gets by, by doing a bit of everything. But Uncle Nils got himself into trouble. He has a growing gampling debt, and the town’s local gangster is out to get him. William now has to step up and muster courage and imagination to save himself and his Uncle. All the while, William has both the three bullies from his class and a growing crush on Viola to keep track of.

Production Notes

Please note that the film is in Danish with Finnish subtitles.