Boys Who Like Girls

Miehen malli

Finland, India, Norway 2018
In English and Hindi with Finnish subtitles
68 min
Suitable for audiences aged 7 and above, recommended for audiences aged 13 and up
Director: Inka Achté
Screenplay: Inka Achté
Production: Liisa Karpo / Napa Films, UpNorth Films, One-Eyed Turtle Films
Print Source: Napa Films

2014, Mumbai, India. Two years has passed since the infamous gang rape in New Delhi. 16-year-old Ved, son of an abusive father and submissive mother, has been invited to join a new boys' club near the slum he lives in. At the club Ved is mentored by Aspar, a kind and supportive social worker, but there is also a deeper meaning; to invite adolescent boys to think about masculinity in new ways. Ved comes of age with the support of new unlikely acquaintance: Harish - a feminist man in his 50s who has dedicated his life to abolishing violence towards women.

Production Notes

Please note that the film is in English and Hindi with Finnish subtitles only.