光 / Kohti valoa

Japan, France 2017
In Japanese with Finnish and Swedish subtitles
101 min
Suitable for audiences of all ages
Director: Naomi Kawase
Screenplay: Naomi Kawase
Cast: Masatoshi Nagase, Ayame Misaki, Tatsuya Fuji
Production: Naoya Kinoshita, Masa Sawada, Yumiko Takebe / Kino Films, Comme des Cinémas
Print Source: Cinemanse

Misako is a passionate writer of film versions for the visually impaired. At a screening, she meets Nakamori, an older photographer who is slowly losing his eyesight. Misako soon discovers Nakamori’s Photographs, who will strangely bring her back to her past. Together, they will learn to see the radiant world that was invisible to her eyes.

Please note that the film is in Japanese with Finnish and Swedish subtitles.