Eastern Memories

G.J. Ramstedtin maailma

Finland 2018
In Finnish, Mongolian, Chinese, Korean and Japanese with English subtitles
86 min
Suitable for audiences aged 7 and above
Director: Niklas Kullström & Martti Kaartinen
Screenplay: Martti Kaartinen
Cast: Frank Skog
Production: Niklas Kullström / Hillstream Pictures
Print Source: Kopio: Hillstream Pictures

G. J. Ramstedt (1873-1950) was a Finnish explorer, who made an amazing career as a linguist. He travelled to Mongolia and Siberia and on his journeys he among other things studied Mongolian, started studying Japanese as a result of a bet and published a pioneering Korean textbook.

This visually stunning road movie combines the past and the coming. A story of adventure, love, death, conspiracy and falling of nations as narrated by a late Finnish explorer.