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Agnieszka Holland


Poland, Germany, Czech Republic, Sweden, Slovakia 2017

In Polish with Finnish and Swedish subtitles

128 min

For audiences aged 16 and above

Picture Miss Marple as a vegetarian hippy and animal rights activist living in Fargo, and you have the blueprint for Duszejko, the gray-haired protag of Agnieska Holland's Spoor. When a series of mysterious murders begins knocking off the hunting club in a small mountain community, she finds herself in the middle of the action. But unlike Agatha Christie's immortal detective, she's hopelessly entangled with the people and proceedings around her, and her conclusions are based on emotional evidence, not shrewd deduction.
Full of spectacular nature shots of deer and boar scampering through snowy virgin forests, the film could find art house audiences on the sheer beauty of its production. Animal rights groups might well embrace it as a landmark.
Deborah Young / The Hollywood Reporter

Director: Agnieszka Holland

Director Agnieszka Holland (born in 1948) is a grand old lady of Polish cinema, who has been nominated for Oscar thrice. Her most famous work include The Secret Garden (1993) as well as TV shows, such as House of Cards and The Wire.
Screenplay: Olga Tokarczuk & Agnieszka Holland based on a novel Tokarczukin romaanin Prowadź swój pług przez kości umarłych (2009) by Olga Tokarczuk
Cast:  Agnieszka Mandat, Wiktor Zborowski, Miroslav Krobot, Jakub Gierszal, Patricia Volny
Production: Krzysztof Zanussi & Janusz Wachala / TOR Film Production
Distribution: Atlantic Film