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Kimmo Koskela


Finland 2017

No dialogue

22 min

For all audiences

papulaBOX is a short film without words "spoken through images" for children and for the kid in all of us. Running on happiness, paced on adventure, and reveling in the pleasures of geometry and the imagination, papulaBOX reaches all age groups hands down! papulaBOX intends to demonstrate how ˝the message of dance˝ can lift our spirits and open our imaginations to the terrors and pleasures of earthly grace.


Choregrapher: Simo Heiskanen

Simo Heiskanen is a Finnish dancer and choreographer. He has also been in charge of the music, sound design and visualization of his works.

papulaBOX director

Director: Kimmo Koskela

Kimmo Koskela (born in 1960) is a Finnish director, photographer and producer who has a long list of short films, documentaries and feature films - often dance related - under his belt. His documentary on accordionist Kimmo Pohjonen was nominated for Jussi Prize in 2013.

Choreography: Simo Heiskanen
Cast: Jonna Aaltonen, Mikko Heino, Simo Heiskanen
Production: Kimmo Koskela /  Hattara Films
Print: Hattara Films