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Fanny Jean-Noël

Move! Dance Your Life

France 2016

No dialogue

76 min

For all audiences

MOVE ! Dance your life is a "poetrip". It's a unique, poetic and aesthetic film about dance around the world ! Its primary language is Dance, a universal medium.

The film takes place in 18 different destinations around the world. With over 20 dancers, amateurs or professionals, from childhood to old age, from womb to tomb, MOVE ! shows humanity's vital need for dance.
« We should consider each day lost in which we have not danced at least once »
Friedrich Nietzcshe

Director: Fanny Jean-Noël

Fanny Jean-Noël is a French director and producera who has several successful short films under her belt. Move! Dance Your Life is her debut full-length feature film.

Screenplay: Fanny Jean-Noël
Production: Fanny Jean-Noël / Rappi Productions
Sales: Wide House