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François Ruffin

Thanks Boss!
(Merci Patron !)

France 2016

In French with English subtitles

83 min

For all audiences

After three weeks in theaters, the anti-LVMH documentary Merci Patron! (Thanks Boss!) has become a sleeper hit in France, raking in nearly 100,000 admissions in a release that will soon be expanded to several hundred screens.
Made on a tiny budget (about $200K, or the price of about 60 Louis Vuitton City Steamer bags) by activist-journalist turned director Francois Ruffin, the film uses a very Michael Moore-style approach to not only point out some of Arnault's rather questionable business practices over the years, but to literally blackmail him onscreen for ruining the lives of two textile workers whose jobs were outsourced to more cost-friendly countries in Eastern Europe.
Jordan Mintzer / The Hollywood Reporter
Thanks Boss DIRECTOR

Director: François Ruffin

François Ruffin (born in 1975) is a French investigative journalist and film-maker. He founded the Fakir magazine in 1999 and is its editor. Thanks Boss! is Ruffin’s debut full-length feature film.

Screenplay: François Ruffin
Cast: Jocelyne Klur, Serge Klur, Marie-Hélène Bourlard, Compagnie jolie môme
Production: Johanna Silva & Edouard Mauriat / Fakir & Mille et Une Productions
Sales: Jour2Fête